Yes, a new month and a new old story to tell you guys. I love telling you all about the photos and efforts I took to take them. I hope it is educational and inspirational for you to read and it has some value for you. This month I will tell you a story about a photo I took in Berlin in the summer of 2019. It was a close call though, on my insta story it was 13 in favor of this photo and 11 in favor of another photo. I just want to say that you have a huge influence on which photo will be discussed in this monthly blog, just comment on a photo on instagram or let me know in any other way which photo you would like to know more about.

Okay, without further ado, this is the photo of this month:


Okay, let me take you back in time. It was the end of the academic year and I had some holidays planned, but I had saved up more than I would spend on those. So what to do with some extra money? TRAVEL :D. None of my closest friends could/wanted to join me on a photography trip to Berlin, so I went. On my own. While booking, it seemed like a great idea, but when I actually went I was terrified and excited. It was my first time actually travelling on my own and it was scary, but I went anyway and I learned a lot about myself. If you want to see a video documentary (vlog) about the photo trip, check it out here.

This photo was taken on the last day of my trip. I was walking around in 25+ degrees with all of my stuff (cause I was a student and didn’t store it anywhere). I still had some locations I wanted to go and around 16:00 I had to catch a train back home (that is a debacle story for another time). As you might recognise, I had been to this spot before but that was at night time. You might recognise from a more popular photo of mine.

It is a literal day and night difference :D.


It was a bright summer day and light was in abundance so my settings were not too complicated. I (probably) set my camera to aperture priority mode and let it adjust the shutterspeed on its own. The aperture was set to F/6.3 to create an image in which most was in focus, but there was some area out of focus in the lower part of the photo. That create some nice depth in the image. The ISO was set to 100.

I focused on the reflection instead of the actual tower. That worked the best, as I took a bunch of photos and chose this one as the best.


In the edit I focussed on getting some details back from the sky and creating a bit more of a stylistic image. What I mean with that second part is that I created a photo that is more my style than realistic. I am not sure if I would still say this is my style, but I haven’t done city street photography in the daytime in a while.

Either way, below you can see the before and after. I added blues to the shadows and accentuated the reds. I still really like this photo, but maybe I am just fond of the memories from this trip to Berlin.

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