While I am writing the beginning of this blog, I realize that I still have to shoot/finish 3 out of the 4 self portraits of this month. I made plans to do better, but life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. I took the signs to take care of myself serious and took some time of. Sadly enough, that means that I want to get back up the horse and do most of the work I had planned anyway. I hope I finish all my self portrait works of art on time for this blog.

Week 5: moody black and white

The title explains the idea behind this weeks self portrait session pretty well. I wanted to go for some moody black and white self portraits and took a lot of photos. I ended up with 6 that I like and I will show those here.

As you can see, not all photos are in focus on my face (none actually). Even though I did not do that on purpose, I do like how it adds to the photos. It makes me seem more vulnerable and it adds some character to the photos.

Week 6: Integration with illustrator

This week I wanted to use more than a single way of expressing myself and combine those in a single work of art. I took the photo before I knew what exactly I was going to be adding in later. But the idea was already there. Below you can see the end result.

I chose to illustrate the things that keep me busy nowadays. Can you guess all the things that I consider to be my hobbies?

Week 7: Remember to be your own best friend

This photo was taken a week too late… But what feels important is that I took it anyway. The main concept for this photo was to be there for yourself, be your own best friend. I am quite happy with how the photo turned out and you can see that below.

While I am happy with the result, I do wish that I had some more control over what my face can do. I can not really get it to express emotions on command. I think I could have gotten the photo with my face the way I want it, but I did not want to spend an eternity on this one photo.

Week 8: Using a prism

This week’s portrait is one where I wanted to use a prism. It took some figuring out, but I really like the result that I got from it. The photo feels really interesting, it makes me want to come up with a story behind it, while there is none.

Can you spot the differences between the photos? If so, which is your favorite?

That is it for this month. I worked really hard this week to finish all of these. Next month I will spend some time on making a blog full of tips and ideas for self portraits making at home.

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