Another month has almost passed and it is time to show my self portraits of this month to the world. I am feeling a little dramatic maybe while writing this, but bear with me. Most of these self portraits are very personal to me, but I love sharing them with you all!

Week 9: Hope, help and compassion for all.

I am a huge fan of series, I can get lost easily in characters and love watching how they develop. It also helps me deal with problems in my life and gives me hope. The past couple of weeks I have been rewatching (yes, I am one of those people) Supergirl. The main motto of the series is “hope, help and compassion for all” and I find it very inspiring. In a fairly negative world this message is very important and I feel like I have been trying to put it into my life for a while now. I wanted to do something with the message and created the self portrait that can be seen below, based on the photo to the right.

I had the sweater already and used photoshop to create the final image. I might not be the best portrait I have ever taken, but it has a meaning to me personally. More than what I have told you already, it is because I was wearing a superman top the day my mom died. I think she would have loved the supergirl series, easy to watch and positive vibes for everyone. We’ll never know though, she died before it aired.

Week 10: Summer vibes (in winter)

This week was a week of bad weather. I don’t fare too well when the weather is bad and my mood was just as bad… That is why I thought I would pretend it was summer when taking my self portrait this week. I grabbed a dress, summer hat and denim jacket and went for it. It was not warm, but it helped my mood for that day 🙂

I liked the photos, but when I started editing, I was tempted to play a bit with the haircolor. I have wanted to dye it for a loooong time now, but never dared. I just decided I would try and change it and see how it looked. I think I’ll be dying it next time I go to the hairdressers.

Week 11: Just me

I was a week late taking this self portrait. A combination of bad hair and bad planning caused me to delay this weeks portrait. Then when I scheduled some time to take the portrait, I had no inspiration what-so-ever. Or better said, I had ideas, but those wouldn’t work now. I am soon moving to a new room and have somewhat more space there, so I wanted to execute those later on. But I still wanted to make sure that I could include the portraits of this week and next week in this months blog.

The concept I decided to use for the self portrait is “Just Me”. It is about the real me, the one you would run into in the supermarket, wearing two different socks, a messy bun and smiling to myself or you. I was way more uncomfortable to be in front of the camera as myself than I anticipated. Normally, I am also showing myself in front of the camera, but now I actually was the story, plain old boring me. I do like the results, and the confirmation that I am still uncomfortable in front of the camera is somehow reassuring. Because I went for it, despite that feeling, I chose to take the photos anyway and relaxed throughout the process. Below you can find the favorite photo I took.

Week 12: Full body posing

Yeah…. It happened again, I was late…. I took this portrait today. So I am about a week late with taking this portrait. But I have an okayish excuse. The lack of inspiration combined with the move within my house (I moved to the attic) makes it okayish for myself. I did want to take it earlier, but It did not work out.

Okay so after almost 3 months of self portraits, most are still just headshots. Photos of my upper body. This week I decided to change that. Even though my initial idea was something completely different, I ended up there. I challenged myself to pose with my full body, which was very hard. I have three photos with I would like to share with you.

I am fairly happy with the results. Finding an interesting pose for my body was not as hard as I expected. My face was once again a different story. Finding an interesting expression was hard, but I am, as I said, happy with the results.

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