Last week I posted another poll to my story about which photo would be more interesting to hear the story behind. Although it was quite close, the result was clearly the following photo:

The situation

I took this photo during a holiday in Sweden. It was on the same trip as last months blog. This photo was taken during the last night in Sweden. We (me and my boyrfriend) were talking to some people who were staying at the same camping spot, and the sunset was so amazing I just had to grab my camera and take some photos. That is basically all there is to this story.

The settings

For this photo, I decided to use an aperture of F/4,0 and focus on the factory. This created the out of focus plants in the foreground and allowed a lot of light to get into the photo. The shutterspeed was 1/125 seconds and the ISO 800. Those were set by the camera as it was on aperture priority mode.

The edit

This photo was already looking great straight out of camera. I did edit it, as I do with all my photos. The things I focused on were the vibrance in general, the detail in the water and a clean up in photoshop. You can see the before and after below.


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