This week, I posted another poll in my instagram story for you all to vote on which photo you would like to here the story behind. If you want to follow me so you can vote next time, follow me on Instagram. The photo below is the photo we will talk about in this blog.

The situation

This winter I was away for a week with my boyfriend and his family. We were staying in a cottage over new years. On the morning of the first day of the new year, we were packing to leave again. But I took a look outside and snuck out to take some photos of the fog and frost on the grass. I loved how the playground looked really abandoned and wanted to capture that vibe.

I had taken some photos after midnight earlier in the day. That lead to me totally forgetting these photos existed until a couple of weeks ago… The good part about that story is that I found them and learned from it.


To take this photo, I used my 70-200 mm lens on my sony a7 rii. I took the shot at 73 mm which means that it was almost fully zoomed out. I had my lighting settings as follows: ISO 800, F/5.6 and 1/500 s. The aperture allows to have a subtly blurry foreground while having the playground in focus. The others were automatically adjusted by the camera, as I was shooting in aperture priority mode.

The edit

Even though it was foggy, you could not really see that straight up in the photo. So in the edit, I lowered the dehaze slider to make sure the vibe I went for was also there in the photo. I also increased the exposure to achieve this image in my head.

I also played a bit with the colors to show that the sun was rising and empasize the warm colors that I saw in the scene.

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