Hi guys, it has been a while since I have written a blog. I guess I lost track of it somewhere in the summer when I took some time off and never got back to it. So this blog will serve as a quick update for you; what I have been up to and what my plan is for this blog.


This summer I went on holiday to the mountains. I took a ton of photos and afterwards spend a lot of time editing them. I learned a ton of new skills in the editing part. After a week in the mountains my boyfriend moved to copenhangen and I helped him move. Of course I also took some photos over there :). Then at the end of the summer, I went to the heather during sunrise and had some epic conditions. I will probably post a blog about that soon.


Then after the summer, I started studying again. I started my master in Structural Engineering and Design at the TU/e. It has been very busy. Lectures, social activities, making new friends, taking photos with the photography association, but all of that lead to me not having or making the time to write blogs.

Self portraits

In the exam week I got some sudden motivation to pick up self portraits again. I stopped taking those somewhere in the summer, but in the beginning of November I started again. That actually got me back into writing blogs and updating you.

Future plan

Now to the plan for the future. I am planning to write a bunch of blogs about the things I have taken photos of. But I will start with posting the photos I have taken for my self portraits. I will try to post weekly blogs again from now on, starting with this one.

Hope that you will keep following along and let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

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