Hi guys! You might be surprised to see another blog late, but yet soon after the previous one. I have been working hard the past few weeks on catching up on taking the self portraits and now I am also trying to catch up on writing the blogs. Most of these photos might have been taken in November, but we will just act as if they weren’t if you guys are okay with that :).

Week 31: A park during sunset

The idea for these self portraits was to pose in the park near my boyfriends place in Copenhagen. My boyfriend took these photos according to my suggestions. As we were walking around in the park, the sun was setting and that created some nice lighting for photos. I tried a lot of different poses and some worked while others did not.

Week 32: Denim Jacket

The idea for this self portrait was very basic. I once saw some photos from a girl in a denim jacket and really liked them so I wanted to try it myself. What I kept in mind during shooting was that the jacket was an extension of me. So it could be like a layer of protection, or open up if I wanted to show vulnerability.

In the resulting photos I really liked the lighting and used the edit to emphasize that. I also put some attention into the redness of my hair which I just had redyed a couple of days before taking these photos.

Week 33: Cozy chair session

This weeks idea was to sit down on the chair in my room and try to take some nice photos from a lower angle. I tried a couple of different poses. What I learned from this is that I really like the more dynamic photos, so less symmetry in my pose. The middle photo is the most symmetric, but I tried to counteract that by throwing my hair all to one side. During future sessions I will definitely try to keep in mind that I have to try a lot of different poses and to keep them assymetric if possible.

Week 34: My fave sweater

Yes, this weeks idea was very simple. Just me and my current favorite sweater. I wanted to take some cute photos of myself in this sweater for a while and took this as an opportunity to do so. I kept my eyes down during the shoot to make it feel a bit more private, to intrigue about the story behind the person in this photo. The smile in some photos has two reasons. The first is, it looks cute and the second is in line with the reason I kept my eyes down, it tells a story or makes you want to know more about the person in the photo.

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