Hey guys, new week, new blog. I don’t have too much to tell you after last weeks update, so I hope you enjoy this blog!

Week 35: Retrying an older concept

This week I tried an older concept again. Sometime in the spring I took some self portraits featuring my head and a bit of torso, which I edited in black and white. I really liked those, but wanted to try something slightly different. So, some other clothes and lighting situation were prepared and I took some more photos in a similar style.

Week 36: Plants

I have this really cute plant in my room. At the photography association we also have a fake plant we often use as a prop, which is what I tried to use my cute plant as, as well. So I posed behind my plant, using it as a sort of framing. The autofocus did not always do what I wanted to, but I kind of like the results anyway.

Week 37: Sillyness

For this weeks concept I just tried something silly. I just layed down on my bed and in a couple of tries I created the photo below. That is all there is to this photo really.

Week 38: Feelings

For the portrait corresponding to this week I just sat down on the ground in front of my camera, fot my light near it and took some photos. I was stressing out due to exams and having some other feelings. I just tried to express those in front of the camera and took some photos.

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