New month, new blog. Still catching up, but we are getting close to that 🙂 I don’t have much more to tell you at this point, so we will just dive in.

Week 39: Fall

In October it was fall, the trees colored yellow and orange and it looked very beautiful. When I was catching up on these self portraits, I wanted to do something in the forest to show that it was fall. So I went out and took my tripod and wanted to do a classic throwing leaves in the air. Which is what I did. It took a couple of tries and I am not entirely happy with the result, but I did it.

Week 40: Graduating

In 2020 before I started this blog, I graduated from the Technical University of Eindhoven. I studied the Built Environment. Due to corona, the graduation ceremony was held only in this year. Everyone got a cap and sesh and we all did some walk down a catwalk while parents applauded us. It was kind of silly, but I wanted to dedicate a self portrait to my graduation ceremony because I feel like it was an important moment to celebrate.

Week 41: I bought a fancy dress

In the upcoming year, I have some galas and I really wanted a nice strappy red dress. Those were two seperate things until I realized I could get the nice dress for the galas. Then I was really happy with the dress, so I took some self portraits in it. My main idea was to take it from the upper half of my body and to pose myself as a strong and fierce woman.

Week 42: Silhouette

About a year ago was the first time I made some self portraits. This sparked something bigger than I could have imagined. I really enjoy taking these and it has become a regular creative outlet for my feelings. I started to try some of the concepts again from a year ago. The first one being the silhouette one. This time I focused less on the silhouette being perfect, but more on the expression of my face and the overall pose of my body.

Week 43: Bed sheet

I did not just recreate one of my old concepts, but I did a bunch. Also the one in which I used a bedsheet. For this one I tried to get some photos that really are alike the ones from last year, but I also wanted to get some new ones.

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