Actually took some of these on time because I was catching up in the beginning of November. This month it was also actually a year ago that I took some self portraits for the first time ever. So enjoy the one year anniversary of me taking self portraits 🙂

Week 44: Glow

Glow is a yearly light art event in Eindhoven and I decided to take a self portrait while I was there this year. It was out in public which was a big thing for me, but everyone else was busy doing their own thing, so not many people noticed me doing this. In the end it is not really special for me, but I do really like the stars in the sky.

Week 45: Prism

Earlier this year I took a self portrait with a prism already. I really like the result and wanted to try again but go for a different vibe. So I wore other colours and tried to create a different effect with the prism. Then in the edit I tried to emphasize the colours already there. I think I really created something new and cool while retrying an old concept. 🙂

Week 46: White blouse

The title of this week says pretty much all I had come up with for this weeks portrait. I put on my white blouse and sat down to take some self portraits. Below you can find the results.

Week 47: Green shoot

I tried this once before, but I really like the color green lately. So I wanted to do a second green shoot. I got my green sweater and a green light and stood in front of a green curtain. During the shoot I tried a lot of different poses because I did not really feel like anything I was doing was working, but at the same time it felt like everything was working sort of. In the edit I focused on the color theme and making sure I was contrasting the greens, so I stood out. I also wanted the vibe of the photo to be a bit dark and moody, so I also incorporated that in the edit of the photo.

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