We have made it, the last month of 2021. The last month of this project. I will get right to the photos, just as soon as I have told you that I have also released a blog reflecting on the challenge as a whole and some self portraits I am particularly happy with. Now, please enjoy the last blog of last years challenge.

Week 48: Color contrast

This week I did not really have a concept all worked out. I just new the outfit I wanted to wear and that I was not supposed to edit it in black and white, because that is what I did the last time I wore this outfit. Now I wanted it to shine with all its colors. I sat down on my bed and put a different lens on my camera than the last sessions. Then I just started shooting. I tried a bunch of different things. But as I did not really have a clue as to what I wanted to create, I am also not really happy with the results. Not to self; Really have a concept before shooting and if you think it is too much alike one of your previous concepts, just wait until you think of something new.

The white wall behind me balanced out the picture. Because the colors in the lower part were really present, this photo needed that balance.

Week 49: Christmas

This is the first self portrait in ages that I actually took on time!!!!!! Super happy to have caught up altough it is going to be weird not shooting in bulk anymore. We will see how long I can keep it up.

This week portraits was all about the joy of christmas. I do not really know why, but I love christmas. The lights, the music the vibes, just everything about it is amazing. So this week I sat down in front of the christmas tree and expressed all my christmas love with a big smile.

Week 50: Lightbulb cozy

This week I took a photo using a lightbulb as a light source to create a cozy setting. I had some difficulty in posing this week because I was quite tired. In the end I chose a photo that is quite mysterious and my pose is contributing to that by deflecting my eyes and using my hair as a sort of shield.

Week 51: No hair, but not for real

This one is a big challenge for me. As you might have noticed, I often use my – quite recognisable – hair as a prop and barely see myself without it. This week I wanted to challenge myself and put my hair in a tail or bun and be unable to use it in the usual way. But when I was taking a shower I realised that my hair acts way differently when it is wet too. So I went and took a self portrait when my hair was wet and in a small bun. Below you can see my favourite photos from the shoot.

Week 52: Traveling

Combining photography with another great passion of me; seeing the world, is what I would love to do and be able to earn some money in. For this last self portrait of the year I decided to show a bit of that. I am currently in Copenhagen and decided to go to the nearest trainstation and take a photo there. Below you can see this final self portrait of the year.

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