I bought a DRONE!

Yes I did it 🙂 I bought a drone. When this is posted, I will have had it for quite a while already, but I still have not flown it quite as much so I can not show you a lot. I will however share some of my first drone photos with you here. Once it gets less windy outdoors, and I have some more time I will try to fly the drone some more and also share my progress here.


What my main goal was for getting a drone, was to gain a new perspective. That was also the thing that I kept in mind most when flying it. I like to find a subject or a pattern from above and then take the photo straight down. That is the most sophisticated thing I can say about it, but I am mostly just trying things and some work out while others do not. Hopefully in a couple of months I can come up with more useful tips for you guys.

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