In my opinion, taking photos is more fun when doing it together 🙂 A couple of months ago I went into the city and I tried to take some cool photos with Daphne. We tried a two different things and I will share some results with you. For each thing we tried, I’ll pick one photo and share the thoughtprocess behind it from start to finish.

Long exposures of trains

The first spot we went to, we wanted to take some long exposures of passing trains. The spot we chose to take these photos had a nice view of some recognisable buildings from Eindhoven. So in my composition I placed the tracks at the foreground and those buildings in the background.

In order to take this shot, I put my camera on a tripod and took several long exposures with different shutterspeeds. Then I blended those together in photoshop and edited in lightroom. In order to be able to bled the photos together, I had to take all the photos from the exact same location and at the same focal length.

Below you can see the resulting photo.

Portraits at the busstop

This was the shot for me that I actually went out to get. The idea came from @northborders on Instagram when he posted a portrait he shot at a busstop. I wanted to give it a try and Daphne was up for it too. Since we were with only the two of us, one of us would model and the other would take the photo. We switched it up and both did the two things.

For this photo we opened up our aperture as much as possible on the lenses we brought. For the shot below that meant F/2.8 but on the lens that Daphne brought, it was F/1.8. We did that in order to get the nicest bokeh and to keep the shutterspeed low. Because we needed to hold the camera still (by hand) and stand still as the model.

In the edit I took down the yellowness of the street lights and did a few other style edits, but those were all style choices I made about half a year ago, so I do not remember exactly why and how. Whoops…


When we were walking back to our bikes, we stopped to take some panning photos and I got one that was really cool so I thought I would just show it here.

And there is more bonus, some photos taken on Daphnes camera and edited by Daphne can be found below 🙂 If you want to check out more photos by Daphne, click here to see her Instagram.

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