Yes I am aware that it was a long time ago that the heather was showing its full colors. But I still wanted to share the story and the photos with you. I took them on two mornings with beautiful light and fog. Once I went by myself and once Daphne (from last weeks blog) joined as well. I will first tell a bit about the situations and then show my photos. At the bottom you can also find some photos by Daphne, of me taking photos.


During the last weekend of the summer holidays I was checking the weather and saw that the next morning it would be sunny and foggy. These were the conditions I was waiting for for a while and I decided to set an alarm and go to the heather. I asked Daphne to come with me, but she could not make it. I went by myself and was amazed by the extremely beautfiul scene I saw in front of me. That was exactly what I love about photography, it is a way for me to be motivated to go out and see the beauty in the world and capture it with my camera.

Then two days later the weather prediction was very similar, I texted Daphne and she could join me this time, so we went together. When we arrived at the heather, it started out less amazing, but still beautiful. After a couple of minutes more fog came rolling in and the sun started to come through. I was again very beautiful 🙂 We took so many amazing photos.


In the editing process of these photos I wanted to put emphasis on the colors and the light that was already there. If you want to know more about it, please just ask. There is also a blog coming with more details about it, but it will take a while. I took these photos in september and a lot is still coming from all the days between now and then.

Photos by Daphne

Daphne sent me some photos that she took of me 🙂 I thought I’d share those with you too 🙂

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