Photography blog

Here you can find all my photography tips to improve your skills or to learn new things. Furthermore, you can also follow my journey in setting up my own photography business.

Sunrise at the heather

Yes I am aware that it was a long time ago that the heather was showing its full colors. But I still wanted to share the story and the photos with you. I took them on two mornings with beautiful light and fog. Once I went by myself and once Daphne (from last weeks blog) … Continue reading “Sunrise at the heather”

City Photography

In my opinion, taking photos is more fun when doing it together πŸ™‚ A couple of months ago I went into the city and I tried to take some cool photos with Daphne. We tried a two different things and I will share some results with you. For each thing we tried, I’ll pick one … Continue reading “City Photography”


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