Self portraits challenge

On this page you can find all the self portraits I have taken so far. This page also contains some more information about the challenge and the journey throughout it. I challenged myself in 2021 to take more photos of myself. I did this in order to challenge my creativity and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

So far it has been working out great. I have learned a lot and feel like I have improved a lot as well. This improvement is in both the creative process in general and my posing. I have pushed through, accepted it when things did not work as planned and done it anyway. My posing has become way less awkward when someone else has a camera and I have gained a lot of confidence thanks to that.

I have also learned a lot from editing the self portraits to match my vision at the start of it. Both in photoshop and lightroom I have learned how to create something from my initial idea and make it a reality. The edits can really help convey emotion or story and I have learned more on how to achieve that.

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If you want to read the story behind the photos of a certain month, you can click on the first one of that month and it will redirect you to the stories behind the portraits. There are often some more photos from the shoot or other types of bonus content. 🙂


If you want to see more of my photos, you can check out my Instagram. I post photos I have taken as well as funny or educational reels and polls where you can cast your vote on photos of mine.

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