Has it really been a full year of self portraits?! It has flown over. Especially since I started studying again. At the same time it feels like I have been doing this for ages by now. In this blog I will discuss some of my favorite self portraits that I have taken over the year.

Here you can see a selection of some of those favorites.


What I have found is that simplicity is key. I really like these portraits, but most of them are just taken in my room. Just me and my camera, with my emotions being a key subject. I often started with a simple concept like a color or an emotion. Then I sat down and tried a whole lot of things. Sometimes it worked out and others it did not. Then I just tried again another time with another concept.


I have also learned that an edit can do a lot. Whether it is just making it black and white or using photoshop to create another reality does not really matter. It can be used to emphasize the concept or even bring it to life entirely. I will definitely keep it in mind when creating portraits, or self portraits in the future.


I have really enjoyed the challenge in general and challenging myself in some of these even more. At some point I got comfortable with posing my face, but then I challenged myself to pose my whole body. I did a bunch of things with photoshop to get better at that. I even challenged myself to draw some of the self portraits, which you can see below. I liked having the challenge as a way to be held accountable and doing creative things, because I sometimes need that.

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